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Music Video 2020 Recording Manual  (PDF)

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Hello, Everyone.


I’m Katsuhiko Yamamoto, a Japanese composer.

Today I want to sing my song with people from around the world.

The title of song is “River of Love ‘Hiroshima”.


Keiji Nakazawa who wrote “Hadashi no Gen”, left us a meaningful poem.

Unfortunately his family fell victim to the atomic bomb in 1945.

That’s why he strongly hoped there would be peace all over the world and then he wrote this poem with the wish of world peace.


Now you know this is a song for peace.


I want to sing this song with people all over the world.

Please take a video of your singing.

If you feel difficult to sing this song in Japanese, please feel free to sing only a short part “ Lu Lu Lu”.


Here in YouTube, 【

I made a guide video how to share your singing.

Let’s sing together.


・This is a guide video how to take a video of your/two people/three people singing.

・You can sing with your friends, family, etc… Please keep all of member’s faces in the video.

・Free to wear anything and free to sing anywhere you like.

・When you sing “Lu Lu Lu” part, please play this song in the background by Youtube with another device.

・During singing, please keep smiling!


75 years past, the atomic bomb was dropped.

6th August 2020, We send this song from Hiroshima to all over the world.

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